How do I find a good personal injury lawyer in Phoenix?

Man in a wheelchair!Advertising and the Internet have changed the way in which we find a personal injury lawyer in Phoenix. A generation ago, word of mouth was the best way to find a skilled professional. A professional in one specialty will refer patients or clients to another who has the respect of his peers.  That is still a good way to go.  Ask an attorney you know about the reputation of another.

But anyone with an advertising budget and marketing skills can put themselves out to the public as one who is accepting clients in different areas of law – from divorce to criminal defense, workers compensation, employment issues, traffic offenses, business formation or tax advice.  The fact is once an attorney gets a license, she can practice in any area without any experience. Many learn on the job; some have more experienced personal injury attorneys as mentors. But a slick ad doesn’t qualify an attorney in the field in which he or she advertises.

The State Bar of Arizona certifies lawyers as specialists in some areas of law. The certification means they have the respect of the judges before whom they appear, they are vetted by other qualified attorneys, including their opponents in court, they take a day long written examination, and have several trials under their belt. To see a list of specialists, go to

Ask about experience in personal injury.

Ask the attorney whether they’ve done work for both injured people and insurance companies, how many trials they have had, what fees they charge, what’s the most recent success they’ve had, what’s the most recent loss they’ve suffered, how available are they to answer questions and how long will it take. Any other question that makes you feel comfortable with the personal injury lawyer should be asked.

Give us a call. If you’re not completely at ease with working with us, we’ll give you the names of several personal injury lawyers in Phoenix who we respect.