Documents to Show Your Auto Accident Attorney in Phoenix after a Motor Vehicle Accident

Auto Accident AttorneyThe more documentation you can show your auto accident attorney in Phoenix, the more likely you are to get your personal injury claim off on the right foot. That’s because the more evidence your auto accident attorney has in-hand, the greater the likelihood that your case will have the representation it deserves. Without the proper documentation, your lawyer simply cannot construct a proper presentation of your personal injury claim.

What you should have ready for your first consultation with your Auto Accident Attorney in Phoenix

NOTE: Keep in mind that specific claims may require other specified paperwork.

Your Insurance Policy: Your auto accident attorney in Phoenix will want to see what kind of specific coverages you are carrying for your auto insurance so that it can be determined what sort of compensation, if any, you may be entitled to receive.

Evidence of Insurance Payments: In order to collect from insurance policies, you generally must be up-to-date with your policy payments. Showing evidence of the payment of monthly bills, whether that is from cancelled checks that correspond with invoicing or a printout from your bank that shows monthly ACH deductions can easily do this.

Information From the Accident: Did you exchange any information with other drivers or individuals at the scene of the accident where you where injured? Bring that information with you.

Police Reports: Police officers are often called to the scene of an accident, and especially so when there is an injury involved. Officers are required to investigate the accident and file reports about their investigation, including charts, graphics, and interviews with witnesses. These police reports are essential to have for your accident attorney in Phoenix to be able to give your claim the presentation it deserves.

Auto Accident Related Tickets: Were you given a ticket for the accident in which you were injured? Bring a copy of that ticket with you.

Photographs: If you or someone within your family was able to take pictures of the accident scene where you were injured, bring these with you to your first consultation. If you were unable to take pictures, check with your insurance agent – they may have come out to take pictures for their own records.

Medical Records: If you are filing a personal injury claim, your auto accident attorney in Phoenix will want to see the specifics of your injuries so that they can be included with the filing of your claim. This may include any mental health records that are related to the accident as well.

Pay Stubs: Some injuries force people to miss work. Even though you may qualify for short-term or long-term disability insurance, you may be entitled to your fill wages if an injury is caused by the negligence or recklessness of someone else. Evidence of your income will help your auto accident lawyer in Phoenix to calculate a fair rate of compensation, and if you do qualify for disability insurance, bring copies of those polices along as well.

When you’ve got the proper paperwork ready for your auto accident attorney in Phoenix, your personal injury claim can proceed much more quickly. Get as much of the above documentation ready before your first consultation.

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