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Phoenix Personal Injury Attorneys

Phoenix Personal Injury attorneys should be creditable, knowledgeable, and driven to win your case. Baird, Williams, and Greer represents people everyday in Phoenix personal injury claims, auto accident claims, and wrongful death claims in all of Arizona. There are only about 200 certified specialists in personal injury and wrongful death litigation in all of Arizona. Robert L. Greer of Baird, Williams, & Greer is one of those certified specialists and is able to handle a wide variety of personal injury claims. Whether you've been bitten by a neighbor's dog or you've been injured in an auto accident, Mr. Greer is one of the most experienced Phoenix personal injury attorneys you'll be able to find to represent you. Schedule your free consultation about your claim today by calling 1 (800) 251-8243.

That's Right! A Free Consultation with a Personal Injury Attorney!

 Robert L. Greer - your Personal Injury Attorney in Phoenix!Reputable personal injury attorneys in Phoenix will always give your initial claim a free review. Whether you have been recently injured or you have had the unfortunate experience of losing a loved one, our caring staff is happy to see how we can potentially assist you. Have you recently suffered an injury or a loss because of a: No matter how complex your unique personal injury claim may be, we are fully prepared to represent you so that you receive the fair compensation you deserve. Find out why so many people consider our legal team to have fair, experienced Phoenix personal injury attorneys by calling 1 (800) 251-8243 to schedule your free consultation today!

Why Choose Baird, Williams, and Greer?

  • Competence – Anyone can advertise, but only 200 lawyers in Arizona have met the requirements set by the State Bar to be certified as a specialist in personal injury and wrongful death cases. They pass specialized examinations, they have actually tried a number of personal injury cases to juries and they are vetted by judges and other lawyers to evaluate their qualifications.
  • Credibility - Anyone can demand any sum to settle a personal injury case, but to be believable, phoenix personal injury attorneys must be realistic, fair and have the experience and ability to actually take a case to trial, if a settlement cannot be made.
  • Proven Results – A personal injury lawyer’s track record is a good predictor of future success; there is no substitute for experience.
  • Respect – From judges, other lawyers and insurance companies is extended to lawyers with experience, credibility and proven results.
  • Knowledge – Most Phoenix personal injury attorneys can educate themselves on almost any legal matter, but to get from point A to point B in the most cost effective, efficient and focused time, a lawyer with subject matter expertise is usually better equipped.
  • Integrity – Despite popular views of lawyers, the one who takes short cuts, who cannot be trusted, or tries to pull a fast one, does not benefit his or her clients.
  • CaringPhoenix personal injury attorneys should have the capacity to mourn with those who mourn, to succor the wounded heart, and combine compassion with professionalism. These are characteristics of an advocate who acts in a client’s best interests at all times.

Baird, Williams and Greer is all of these.

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